They have such grace. And the precision when flying around, it amazes me every time I see one. Like mini helicopter pilots they hover over the Mandevilla that is near the feeder. Eagerly, swiftly and frolicly dipping into the hearts of the flower.

I’ve added an extra feeder this year. Right above the bright pink Mandevilla and boy do the hummers  love it. They are so much fun to watch. And it is the first time I’ve ever seen them rest on a nearby branch in my yard. They  just sit there and hang out. Fluff their feathers a bit, stick out their crazy long tongues at me. And their little heads turns all around and there isn’t a lot that they don’t notice.

While watching them I’ve also been able to come a little bit closer to them. I now have Humming Bird stake-outs on a regular basis.  At first they were cautiously but curiously humming around, but pretty quickly they weren’t that impressed with me anymore. And continued sticking there nose in things, hoping to find something to eat. The taste of the sugar water must beat the fear of humans with a camera.