Salt water

Salt water cures all wounds.

The smell of salty air always calms me down. Taking my shoes off and walking on the beach will increase that feeling even more. Add pelicans to the equation and it is at its best. That whole picture equals relaxation to me. Pelicans equal beach to me anyways. My first visit to America was to Florida. No shortage of pelicans there. And I think I still connect pelicans to that first visit and the way it felt.


That first visit changed a lot. It was like coming home in a different country.  Florida is just a small part of big country, but it started a journey. And it’s good to remember that start. Small steps on foreign ground resulted into a move across the ocean years later. Things can change around you, people can change around you. But not the beach. Salty air & and the sight of pelicans will always make me feel good. And am very fortunate that I can take a drive and go see both. 😉