Global language

Walking around at a different airport with a long layover this week. Airport terminals have a special kind of drama.It’s amazing how an international airport as Dulles can fuse the whole world. Love listening to all those different languages around me. Sometimes I can pick up a few words, sometimes not at all. But bodylanguages are universal. And don’t always need sounds to understand what’s being said. And while some people pass by I wonder from what country they are. It’s fascinating. 

The big airplane of the United Arab had so many stewardesses all dressed in the exact same outfit.  They were waiting for the whole crew before heading for customs. When I first looked there were two but I think by the time they left there were at least 20 crew members. 


Very abstract light & lines on the hall ways amazingly empty for such a busy airport. 

When my plane finally arrived I had heard and seen so many global interactions, that it made me feel the world is actually smaller then it looks. Body language made the world smaller and fused it. No borders can stop languages and true travelers. It is only a line on paper, and starts to fade quickly by spending one day at an airport. 

When leaving Dulles I thought, who knew that DC could be so peaceful especially when there’s a pretty morning fog at sunrise and all global passengers are fused into one. An international airport, especially in DC nowadays, could be set as an example perhaps.

The world is but a canvas of our imagination
– Henry David Thoreau