Stay at home

~Enjoy the little things in life, as one day day you will realize those little things were big things.

The front door has a window but also has a wreath and House Finches built a nest on top of it. Too cute! So I have been making some small video clips after the eggs had hatched over the last few days. And put them all together to see how fast they have grown. Their eyes are now open and they are responding to sounds as well. Soon their feathers will start showing too.

Overall this has been a good reminder to me me that a bird can fly to just about anywhere to build their nest. Any place, any tree, any country even. Yet they chose the safety of this home, this front door. And it really makes me realize Iā€™m so very lucky that I have a beautiful home to stay in during these times. And staying at home is something to enjoy. And truly hope these little ones will call it their home just a little bit longer. So I get to enjoy them a little longer too.

They give me a smile on my face every single morning when I check in on them, and show me a picture that things are still going on. And that we will get through this.

Stay safe, stay strong and take care of each other. And stay at home.

Hope this short clip will put a smile on your face.