In the beginning of January I’ve been to Pocosin Lakes Wildlife refuge near the coast of North Carolina. Especially in Winter a great place to visit because of the large amount of migrating birds

Thousands of Red-winged Blackbirds can be seen (and heard) in their fields.

And huge flocks of Tundra swans.

It is such a beautiful place to visit

And a great place to photograph. So much to see and capture by the camera.

Besides birds we also saw bears. Lots of bears…..

For those that think, that Petra is a very brave woman to go and see all this wildlife by herself…. I have to tell them, I did not. Not by myself 🙂  I went with a couple of friends and we met there with Mike Dunn. Who is a naturalist/photographer and knows the area very well. He has been coming here for years so it is a safe but most of all a very educational trip to see and hear all about this wildlife.

Pocosin is really such a special place. Perfect to visit to just get away from daily life and reconnect with nature for a bit.

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