Lake Mattamuskeet

After Pocosin we went to Lake Mattamuskeet National Wildlife refuge the next day. And  the day started with a beautiful sunrise over the intracoastal waterway

Beautiful golden light to start the day with.

First Great Egret of the day.

And not much later the first Bittern in my life. It was hiding in the marshes and just has the exact same colors of its surroundings. Which makes it even harder to spot. Cool!

I especially loved the landscapes of Mattamuskeet. They are different than I’ve seen anywhere else. A bit more moody & dramatic perhaps.

The clouds present that day, did help to complete  that picture for sure.

It really was a joy to be walking around with your camera at Lake Mattamuskeet Wildlife refuge.

Different angles and different views.

And with a local visitor showing up here and there.  Like this nutria.

Or an immature Black-crowned Night Heron. Have to admit if you would have asked me before this trip what kind of bird this was, I would not have known. Not by a long shot. Definitely learned a lot about nature thanks to our guide Mike Dunn on this trip.

Like this being a Phoebe, named after the sound of its call. Cute little bird that turned out to be the perfect model as it really posed for me. Lucky me!

And I learned that tree frogs can also be seen in January and are quite the models too. Who knew….

“The soul never thinks without a picture.” ~Aristotle

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