Historic Oak View

Last week I went to Historic Oak view County park in Raleigh. Historic Oak view is a 19th century Farmstead. So lots of beautiful barns, an old home, a plank kitchen and even a cotton field. I met there with a group of people from the Carolina Nature Photography Association. It is fun to go out and “shoot” together. So yes… that afternoon the park was invaded by people carrying their cameras and tripods and what not. It was a fun sight and it was great that almost everyone you met in the park had the same interest like I do. So did talk a lot of “Photography” out there.

But back to the barns….

Old wood and white…

With some very nice details.

The texture in wooden barns always makes me make more pictures of it than I actually should. But hey, who’s counting?

There was still some snow on the ground at some parts of the park that afternoon. So that added some nice extras to it.

Snow melting from the tin roof causing a long stretched waterfall.

The old plank kitchen.

The cotton fields and the little shed in the snow.

It might look very cold but it wasn’t really. The sun came out that day and made all the snow melt. And as a benefit of that we got a great Carolina blue sky again.

I even did spot some first signs of Spring in their little vegetable garden.

And while making photos of these tiny cute little purple and green flowers I heard a buzzing sound. Was that what I thought it was?

Yes it was! It even was 2 x the buzzing.

Later on, when I was talking to some other photographers a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (love the name, even though I did not see its yellow belly, only his red head) landed in a tree right in front of us. Which, with all the paparazzi present, gave the bird its 5 minutes of fame. Shutters where just going off at enormous speeds. Perfect timing from this bird. It made the nature photographers very happy, including myself as I never had the change of getting a picture of it this close.

After that I walked around the old home a bit. When I saw this guy (or girl).  He was watching me and I could quickly get one picture of him before he went up this huge pine tree and disappeared into a beautiful nest. So I decided to just wait until it came out again. But instead of him/her coming out again, two other squirrels came in. And they all disappeared into the tree. Until……

The bravest one came out to check if I was still there. With his best paw forward. Too cute! So there was my chance to make  a picture of him. It sure was the most beautiful squirrel nest I’ve ever seen. It was an older tree and some of the branches were cut off,  which gave it that rustic look. Great place to be living as a squirrel. As long as there isn’t a big group of photographers hanging around…..

10 thoughts on “Historic Oak View

  1. Ja, je hebt een fotografisch oog. Hoe jij overal en altijd weer de mooiste plaatjes ziet! Heerlijk, genieten!

  2. Gorgeous shots Petra! How blue is that sky? Absolutely stunning and such a great contrast! You know I always wondered what a squirrel nest would look like. A lot if people see them as pests but I think they are cute. The give me hours of entertainment from my bed and I have a couple of squirrel feeders outside. Plus my kitties are also big fans 🙂 They are so funny. Our pine trees are giants so I never have a chance to see a nest up close. Thanks for sharing these with us!

    • My pleasure Christine! I like them too Christine. They’re fast & cute.
      This nest was way up high too. I think at least 6 meters from the ground. I used a zoom lens to get it a bit closer and then cropped it.
      This was the first shot I took to give you an idea.
      Nest in pinetree

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