Snow & Ice

It’s hard to believe that one week ago we found ourselves in Winter Wonderland. Because today we were back to almost 70 degrees. Winter goes by fast in North Carolina.

But there was some substantial snow followed by an ice rain. For me a first time ever seeing this happen on this scale. The ice did stick to just about anything and everything out there. Not all that great if you have to be driving  the roads. But for me walking around with a camera, pure bliss. The pure whites of the snow and the textures of these ice decorations to be seen, absolutely beautiful! It’s so funny because it made me feel like a little kid again. Remember that feeling when looking out of the window as a kid and see snow?  Best feeling ever.

So I did.  Got out, all bundled up and geared with camera. And from fences to barns…..

All had some snow and ice to them.

Bushes and trees covered with a layer of ice.

It was just such a beautiful thing to see. Like someone had put a glass layer on everything in one night.

So special and was sorry to see it all fall off by the end of the day.

But also very glad I was to be able to see it and capture it with the camera and really just feeling like a little kid again!

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