Hot & Cold

“When the weather is hot, keep a cool mind.

When the weather is cold, keep a warm heart.

It seems like every day this March we have a different kind of weather. Early this morning I woke up and saw that the yard was covered in ice again.  And I know,   this may be not the natural thing most people would do, but instead of going back to bed & stay warm, I grabbed my camera and went out!

I just love to see what the ice does to the trees and such. The pear and plum tree already have their blossom out and their tiny flowers had a layer of ice. Pretty.

Might not be the best for my plum harvest this year though, but still pretty. You can’t have it all in life. Even when you are blossom flower. Just bloomed too soon….

The most  icy pretty picture I thought, were the leaves of the oak tree in the back of the yard. Like they were sprinkled with little  glass pearls. Hanging down giving it this new look. Like a special decoration team just went over them and gave all the leaves a make over.

Drops of ice so nicely & perfectly placed you would think they had been working all night to get this ready before daylight came.

We will just have wait and see what tomorrow’s weather will have in store for us. Most likely not any more ice.

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