The wild bunch

Well they are called wildflowers, but not really a wild looking bunch to me.  Maybe these should have been named the elegant, delicate or the pure flowers. But they do grow in the wild and for anyone to see.  And  last week I had the pleasure of seeing 5 spring species of those wild ones. Like the Spring Beauty.  Which deserves its name, because it really is that.  A beauty in Spring.

And my first time seeing the Hepatica . A purple (which is my favorite color by the way) little flower with a white  heart that had found a place to grow right next to a rock. Perfect spot for a perfect little flower.

It was a bit of a search to find a Bloodroot flower, but was really glad that I was able to see it. Pure white and with bright yellow heart. So pure and delicate with its white petals, I thought.

And while walking through the woods there was also a blue violet showing up amongst the brown leaves. As a little spark of Spring.  It did make me smile. Such a tiny little flower doing its best to give color in the still wintery looking grounds.

But the best of the bunch for me were the Trout Lilies. Still with the head nodding downwards in the morning. Already so pretty.

But then, with just some rays of sunlight, opening up.  Curling its petals all the way up. Showing the inside of this little lily. Such a great thing to see. And all with such elegance.

Some were standing alone, but there were some that did grow in a bunch.  Like a real wildflower bunch.  So special. And to think that they close up at the end of the day again. And if the weather doesn’t turn bad over night, they will perform this show all over again the day after. Really neat if you ask me.



As she came swinging into the woods,
truant from everything as usual
except the clear globe of the day, and its
beautiful details.

Then she stopped,
where the first trout lilies of the year
had sprung from the ground
with their spotted bodies
and their six-antlered bright faces,
and their many red tongues.

If she spoke to them, I don’t remember what she said,
and if they kindly answered, it’s a gift that can’t be broken
by giving it away……

~Mary Oliver



4 thoughts on “The wild bunch

  1. Let je wel op waar je loopt als je foto’s loop te maken , anders wordt het weer een van Berkels duik. Maar het zijn wel weer mooie foto’s. Groetjes

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

    Op 6 apr. 2014 om 02:26 heeft Euro Photo Graphics het volgende geschreven:

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  2. With all the hideous news in the world these days, your photos remind me to stop, take a breath and realize the beauty that surrounds us.

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