Rotterdam in B&W

In March I traveled to the Netherlands and while there I visited Rotterdam. The town I grew up in. Always like to go back when I’m around. Rotterdam was hit pretty bad in WW2 and its city center got heavily bombed by the Germans. And as a result of that the city was rebuilt extensively in the years following.  And you could say they never stopped building in Rotterdam. To be honest there is always something being built somewhere in the city. Good thing, because it keeps the city active.  Although when there is yet another bridge or road closed due to construction, maybe not so much. Guess you do  get used to it while living there. However, coming back to the city after 9 years living in North Carolina,  that’s different. Or should I say…… I’m different. Things don’t change, we change, right?

I really forgot how busy this city is. Hectic is the word I should say perhaps. So not used to that any more. But I did emerge myself in the hustle & bustle and I was lucky to find easy parking at my first stop. Which was taking a look at the new Central Station. I do like to see the new stuff that go on in Rotterdam.  It sure has an Interesting design. I liked that it kept the old letters on the entrance. But that is about all that is the same from the old Central Station.


One of the platforms

The tall buildings at the “Weena” with a small part of Central Station in front of it.

Then drove to the Saturday market which is just a huge farmers market.  I really love walking through that.

The smells of all sorts of food offered….

The sounds, the people. I think I realize those sounds and smells  more now, then before.  You really forget the common things in life. But it all came right back again. My favorite part of the market has always been  the Flower market. A full lane of just flowers being sold on numerous stalls. The salesmen are loud and let you know their prices. So I bought 7 bunches of flowers for just 3 euros, which is about $4. That really makes me happy.  Lots of flowers to enjoy during my stay!

Right across from the market they are building the new Market Hall. Which is going to be huge.

They had a visitors center and it’s a huge project.  After that I wandered into the library. Always fun to walk in and it really has the best view over the market.

Inside the Rotterdam library. Spent some time there on the different departments and then walked back to the car by the scenic route.

So took another look at The Cube houses designed by Piet Blom.

And the Erasmus University.

And taking a quick peek at DepotRotterdam. Then it was on to the SS Rotterdam. Where I had the pleasure of enjoying a high tea. The SS Rotterdam used to sail to New York City in the fifties. It was the ship that brought numerous immigrants to the US.

One of the promenade decks. With the Euromast tower to the right.

A flow of light coming in from the front of the ship. How different did my move to the US go, compared to those times. It was fun to walk on the ship, that is now in use as a hotel and restaurant.

After that I took the water taxi to Hotel New York where the Holland-America line used to depart from. These little boats are an awesome experience. They go fast!


The Skyline with the old Holland-America Line building in front of it. A former main harbor of Rotterdam and was  a warehouse district when I was a kid. That sure has changed over the years!

Their offices are transformed and is now in use as a hotel and restaurant. The view from their docks is really nice.  And on that Saturday the place was buzzing and lots of people were outside enjoying one of the first spring days of the year.

The day was almost gone and all that was left to see was the new Rem Koolhaas building, called the Rotterdam.The day had gone by so quickly. A bit of a hectic day but at the same time a fun day! Did enjoy my time in Rotterdam and realized how things can change in a persons life, just by moving to a completely different environment. With lots of impressions I left the city again.


Nothing makes the earth seem  so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.

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  1. Mooie foto’s Was weer even terug in de tijd.

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