The simple dogwood

I love seeing the Dogwood bloom in Spring here in North Carolina. It is even named the state flower. Thought it was funny to learn that the Latin name of the Dogwood is Cornus Florida. So…., shouldn’t it be the state flower of Florida in that case? What’s in a name right? I do sort of  wonder why it’s named like that. Hopefully there is  a great story behind it.

Anyway if the Dogwood is blooming the whole tree (or shrub) is full with flowers. Beautiful and recognizable from a great distance. But I admit, I just love to photograph the flowers from up close…..

and even closer….

They have a serene feel to them. Beauty in its simplicity.  Especially the white version. So pretty. This week I went to the Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh. And they have several kinds of dogwoods there. Like this one below.

Very pointy looking flower.  But still very Dogwood like. Serene & simple.  A joy to make photos of.  At the moment they are at their last blooms and starting to work on forming their berries through Summer.  Which are very pretty too in Fall.



Simplicity is the glory  of expression

~ Walt Whitman



2 thoughts on “The simple dogwood

  1. Beautiful shots. And I like the thought of serenity and simplicity…very appropriate. FYI, the Latin name, Cornus florida, does have some meaning…Cornus = Latin for horn, supposedly referring to the toughness of the wood; florida is Latin for flowering. And the beautiful red fruits of the Flowering Dogwood are one of the best wildlife food plants, especially for species such as Eastern Bluebirds.

    • Thanks! Aha, that’s the story. Sure makes sense now for NC to have it as their state flower. No harm done to Florida there. That’s a comfort to know. 🙂
      Thanks for the explanation. Yes I do remember those red berries. Will be on the lookout for them this year.

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