Queen Lily



But we missed the white water-lily, which is the queen of river flowers…

~Henry David Thoreau



So pure, so delicate, such beauty….. It might have really been the queen of all flowers. Although it could be a toss up with a rose or two. But you just have to love the water lilies. White ones even more….

But then these there were these pastel soft colored ones. Details so textured, colorful and in line with the flower, you wouldn’t want to miss those….

Even water droplets know exactly where to be hanging on to make them look even prettier.

So all these beautiful lilies were at a waterlily farm which I went to with the Carolina Nature Photographers group last Saturday. Had a great time, but boy was is a warm day.  Sun was out, which a good thing for the lilies to open up. But I sure was glad if there was a cloud in front of the sun for a minute or two.

Always am in awe over all the perfect petals these flowers have. Perfect in size and all evenly lined-up to form this beautiful flower.

As a mirror was placed underneath it, for making a nice reflection.

The buzzing bee seemed to enjoy them too.

What a great Saturday morning this had been….

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