NC Beauty

Yesterday I was at a Carolina Nature Photography Ass. meeting where Jim Ruff, a well known NC photographer, was presenting. And he showed some great and very inspiring images and time lapses of the Carolina and Virginia mountains. Seeing his images brought me back to the Blue Ridge for a moment. So today I had to take a look at some of my images from the Blue Ridge . This one for instance….

Like an ocean of clouds that blanket the ridges of the mountains. The image could be right from a dream or a Disney movie, which ever you prefer 🙂  It was just such an Incredible beautiful vista made from the Blue Ridge Parkway. It almost gives you the feeling that you are at the NC coast instead of the mountains…..


“I wear the universe backwards.
I imagine putting stars in my
coffee, and sugar in the sky.
I imagine going fishing in clouds,
and watching the sun hide
behind lakes. I’m too busy dancing
with my imagination to even tip toe
with reality for a second.”

~ D Antoinette Foy


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