I made this picture on my recent trip to Yellowstone. On Sunday the first of June to be precise. I remember that day so clearly, because June first is my birthday.  The photography club here in Raleigh had an upcoming photo competition with the theme, “People & Places”, and thought the Old Faithful was such a landmark that that would be an excellent place to try and find a different view of this geyser.  That evening I was staying in one of the cabins near the Old Faithful so I had to watch the geyser do “its” thing of course. How memorable would it be to witness this on my birthday?

So the photo was taken just before sunset and it had been a chilly day and it even had snowed. Which was a first for me, have snow on my birthday! I mean seriously, the first of June and snow? And although it was chilly, I really enjoyed the fact that it actually did snow.  Anyways, there were about 200 people watching and making pictures of the geyser event with me I guess. But I noticed this one lady that was all bundled up with a hat, warm coat and gloves. So I thought that might do well in the picture I was planning, so I asked her if she would mind if I made a picture of her making a picture. “Sure!!!!”, she said and really worked with me to get the picture. She was a fun lady. Afterwards I thanked her for doing that and she said “You know this show from Old Faithful tonight, was especially for me you know.” “Really? How’s that?”, I asked her. “Well”, she said. “It is my birthday today and I thought it would be so cool to celebrate my birthday at the Old Faithful! So this one is for me!”.

I just started laughing out loud and said “You know what? I think that is super cool!!!” She looked at me a bit startled, wondering why all of a sudden I had to laugh. She probably would agree that it was cool and but maybe not so funny. So I started explaining that it was my birthday too. She of course, didn’t believe me and thought I was pulling her leg. Me still laughing, showed her my driver’s license and after that she believed me and started laughing too. Just too funny! Out of all these people we just had to meet. So we agreed that is was very cool to celebrate your new year with Old Faithful.  (And have snow on our birthday)

So last week I did enter the picture in the  above mentioned competition and it got placed as an honorable mention and got a 9 by the judge from the Raleigh Capital City Camera Club. Which of course was very nice, but I still have to smile every time I see (or think of) this picture. It sure had that bit of serendipity. What would be the odds right?


It is the stars, the stars above us, that govern our directions.”

~ William Shakespeare


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