Under water


“Live in the sunshine, swim  the sea, drink the wild air”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Just finished editing these pictures and all I could think of was that I want to go back!

More snorkeling on St. John’s and St. Lucia. While  both are beautiful above water, under water they are like a whole new world to me.

So many fish and plants I had never seen in my life. It was jaw dropping and I can tell you that is not a good thing if you’re snorkeling. You’d better keep that snorkel thing going 🙂

The coral and the clear blue water is just incredible and you really feel like swimming in an aquarium.

St. Lucia had the most schools of fish I’ve ever seen together. They just wandered on by and hung out a bit. For real!  So cool!

And I loved watching the little fish play hide and seek in these. Who knew that there is a whole new world to be discovered?

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