Meet Robert. I met Robert on the island of St. Lucia. I did a tour on the island that day and ended up in an oh so touristy section. Did not like that at all, so I wandered off a bit on the beach and some streets directly across, away from the rum sellers and banana products. And there I ran into Robert. Robert made me laugh, because his openings words to me were, “Don’t you want a picture of me?”. Hmmm,  thought I was direct, but Robert topped me. So as his directness had me searching for words a bit I answered his question with a question, which usually helps me in these situations. “Do you want me to take a picture of you?”, as I expected that he wanted to have money for his modeling talents. He smiled and said: “Yes, I would!”.

“Well okay, I have to know your name if I take a picture of you and I want you to know I can’t pay you for being in my picture.” He smiled again. “I’m  Robert and I’m 85 years old and live on St. Lucia and I just want you to take my picture.” “Well okay Robert who is 85 years old. I’m Petra, how do you want your picture taken?” “Right here will do, Petra”, and pointed at a street corner.  So I made some pictures of him in which he all the time held up the peace sign. Guess that was his message. My new St. Lucian friend Robert.  He was all smiles  after I had made some pictures . And we shook hands and he just walked on further down the streets. So funny. I walked the other way and went back to the beach a little after.  But just as our bus was about to depart there was Robert again. Waving from across the street and shouted “Bye Petra! Bye!”.  Peace Robert, peace!

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