This week when driving home one night, just outside the subdivision where I live, there was a great number of deer in a small field. Grazing away. Have seen deer in that field before, but never so many. So I stopped for a bit to watch them. They always look so peaceful to me. They have a sort of calmness over them, which can change in a split second when alerted. But that night they didn’t seem to notice me and the car. What a nice way to end a very busy day. Watching them doing their thing reminded me of the deer I saw when camping this fall. Then not at the end but at the beginning of the day. And I realized I hadn’t had a chance to look at most of the pictures from that trip. So I said to myself I had to look at them the next day.

We were camping in Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia that time and were lucky to end up at a campsite next to the little stream they have there. So that morning half awake, I had opened up the tent zipper to see what the weather was, like I always do. I gave it a quick look, but then noticed the two deer right in front of our camping spot wading through the stream. The best thing to wake up to right? How cool was that? It must have been a new record for me waking up, because before I knew it I was up and out and about to witness these two. They had that same peacefulness over them as the big group I saw this week. I really was trying to be very quiet, which always seems more difficult when you are pushing it to be like that. But they seemed to be doing their own little thing wading through the river. So sweet and absolutely cute…..

What a wonderful way to start a day. Life is all about those little things 🙂

3 thoughts on “Reminded

  1. Puur natuur. Zo lief.

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad 3

    > Op Dec 18, 2014 om 3:22 PM heeft Euro Photo Graphics het volgende geschreven: > > >

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