Count the days

I love to photograph lighthouses and my favorite North Carolina Lighthouse is Bodie Island. The Hatteras lighthouse is pretty too, but l just like the way Bodie is situated. It has a little boardwalk and there are several angles you can view it from.

My photo collection of lighthouses has become pretty large over the years. In the beginning the ones from Europe, but America has the prettiest lighthouses I think. Love the ones from New England. They are weathered with some nice rocky coasts usually. And the ones f.i. in Oregon always seem so mystical to me. Lots of lush greens surrounding most of the time. The ones around Lake Michigan are weathered too. Although someone once told me that they don’t count as “real” lighthouses as they are not working on open waters. But I think Lake Michigan is pretty open and huge, so they count if you ask me.

But why do I like lighthouses? I really don’t know. The architecture perhaps. Their guiding lights as a beacon? Could be. I think it is mostly because they are near the water.  Love being near water and the ocean. The sound and smell of it does it I guess. Or maybe is it because of this saying….

Near the sea we forget to count the days.

Time to go back and bring the camera. Maybe I can find a, for me, new lighthouse  somewhere and forget to count the days…..

2 thoughts on “Count the days

  1. Mooi

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad 3

    > Op Mar 4, 2015 om 4:34 PM heeft Euro Photo Graphics het volgende geschreven: > > >

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