The dreams of a toad

As I mentioned earlier I went to a local nursery last week. They have such great variety in flowers and I can easily get lost there. At one point I noticed some beautiful peonies. They were in full bloom and planted along the side of a brick stairway. So I planted myself on one of those steps to be on eye level with the flowers and made some pictures of them.

Bright flashy pink they were. Very pretty. And while looking through the viewfinder my other eye saw something moving. So I looked to the left of me and didn’t see anything. But something moved again as soon as I tried to make another picture. It almost looked like a little moving rock. And then I noticed it. This tiny cute but maybe not so pretty toad.

He looked a little sad, I must say. And just stared a bit. Not showing any emotion. Couldn’t tell if he was afraid of me, or not afraid at all. He was sitting there and enjoying the view I guess. I really just met a dreaming toad. Like Thoreau talks about them so beautifully in his journals. Although this one was awfully quiet I must say.No calling anybody. He was all alone in toad land and the world seemed oh so big to him I think. Or was that me that was dreaming now? 😉

I made a quick picture of him and he was perfectly fine with that. Then I watched him for a bit as he was just sitting right next to me. Me and my new toad friend on the stairs looking at some peonies in a nursery. Although he must have had a slightly different angle to look at those huge flowers. Who knew what he thought of all that flashy pink.

And then a lady came walking up our stairs. She asked me what I was looking at. So I tell her, there is this cute little frog and just as I want to introduce her to my toad friend he’s gone! Hmmm….., I’m sure he was just sitting here and I couldn’t find it anywhere. The woman gave me the look of “sure” and snapped a quick peony picture and walked on. Have to say I was a bit bummed after that.  My new toad friend had left in such a hurry. And was thinking it was a good thing I made this picture otherwise I could be thinking that it was me that dreamed of toads instead of toads dreaming…..

3 thoughts on “The dreams of a toad

  1. Geef mij maar de eerste foto.

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad 3

    > Op May 13, 2015 om 9:53 PM heeft Euro Photo Graphics het volgende geschreven: > > >

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