Ana’s rays

Last week we got the first named storm of the year here in NC. Ana it was named. I might be a bit strange but whenever a storm is announced my head goes up to the sky. Normally I already think that America has the most intense skies I’ve ever seen anywhere. But with a storm everything seems to be on steroids. The speeds of the clouds, the shapes, the sun rays and the sunrises and also the sunsets.

So when the storm was getting close to where I live I went to Jordan Lake to see the sunset and it was just gorgeous. I had to hide once in the car for some drops but the show was spectacular. Before sunset it looked more angry but at sunset every thing was at peace again. The water got calmer and the wind & rain laid down for a bit. Like it knew the day was over.  A bit I say, because on my way back home the rain started to come down. It took a pause at sunset and then the night just took over I suppose. But was glad I got to see the pause of such a storm and its serenity. Even a storm can be pretty at times.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…

It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

~ Vivian Greene

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