Hide out

Last week I went to a car place that sells old cars. Really old cars. Most of them weren’t moving and or drivable anymore. Great for a photographer to walk around. All the little rusty details were so much fun to photograph. And in an attempt to make it a little more country-ish looking I picked some dandelions and such from the tall grass that was growing around the pick up trucks. Like a little field bouquet.

Such a cool looking car still, even it is rusted and parked in a field waiting for its new owner.

I had put the flowers next to a mirror of an old Studebaker pick up truck to make a picture and then laid them down to get a bit of a contrast picture of the red worn out rusty paint textures and the fresh picked flowers. Loved the red and yellow together like that.

So am making a few pictures whenI see a white flower moving downwards on the hood. Now wait a minute, that’s not a flower.  I had to double check this one, because I had never seen anything like it. So bright white…

That’s not a flower, that’s a spider. A very, very white spider. Later a friend told me that it was a white crab spider. It was funny because that was what I thought of when I saw it. It walked exactly like a crab. With his front legs bend. Have to give him credit for hiding in these white flowers. Pretty neat hide-out, because he was very hard to spot in those.  Thinks he decided he’d rather live in the red rusty Studebaker than in the bouquet. 🙂

I continue to be interested in new things that seem old and old things that seem new.
~Jaquelin T. Robertson.

8 thoughts on “Hide out

  1. Hallo Petra en Ron

    Ja dat waren pas auto’s Studebaker daar was ik in mijn jeugd helemaal verliefd op door de aparte modellen die ze maakten.
    Helaas vergane glorie(geen woordspeling hoor) bedankt voor de mooie foto’s
    Groetjes en kussen ook voor de doggies
    Dries en Vera xxx

  2. Mooi ,maar komt niet boven de bank. 😉

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad 3

    > Op Jun 30, 2015 om 3:23 AM heeft Euro Photo Graphics het volgende geschreven: > > >

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