Last week I visited Grayson Highlands in Virginia. When temperatures are high in NC this higher elevated park is a breeze. Unless it is on a rainy day. Then is it more than a breeze. It’s also a free shower….. Because when I got out of the car it started drizzling.

At first I found some shelter under the trees. But that changed quickly as the drizzle changed into a down pour. I mean big, no scratch that, huge drops. And before I knew it I was drenched. Coming from the Netherlands where it rains a lot, I usually am not a big fan of rain. But in this place the rain looked kinda pretty.  The colors along the small trail were so intense deep green and shiny. And as I was at one of the higher parts in the park it felt like I was walking in the clouds as there was this fog at the same time.

It made it misty mysterious. It almost looked like the trees had even more extra ordinary shapes. Bended and curled up with other trees.

Or grown in an odd elegant pose together. It almost felt like I was walking in a dream. Or a movie. Very peaceful I thought. And I can tell you, that doesn’t happen very often when I’m halfway down a path in the pouring rain getting soaked. Me being peaceful. But this was such a strange but special experience. Loved the ferns everywhere and the moss. With the leading roles of the trees present. I went to walk these trails as I heard of and seen a pictures of this rooted tree on a rock. So after a bit of a search I found it. And it really was worth the walk in the rain and getting soaked. Maybe it just added an extra dimension to it. As it was such a pretty tree. Planted in a fairytale landscape.

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”

~ Henri David Thoreau

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