Nautical colors and sounds

“I heard the voices of men shouting aboard a vessel, half mile from the shore, which sounded as if they were in a barn in the country, they being between the sails. It was a  purely rural sound”

~ Henry David Thoreau – Cape Cod

Just got back from a vacation. Mostly spent in Maine. And I realized on this trip I just love the sounds of the ocean and remote harbors. Small boats tied up on docks, fog horns, buoys trying to keep up, slow waves crushing on rocks, mast of sail boats going with the flow. Seeing a sunrise in all of such would just be perfect. And at the last morning in Maine I decided I had to capture those things and lucky for me it was the most perfect sunrise. Tranquil water and beautiful light.

There were small fishing boats leaving out to the ocean. Even the humming sounds of their diesel engines fitted the scene perfectly. I could hear them talk on the radio before heading out. Just standing there with my camera made me feel I was part of it. Just a little.

So calm and with such soft pastel colors. With blue as the base color. So very peaceful and simple. A perfect way to end a vacation and to take all of the sounds and colors with me. Could do that every day and be perfectly happy.

4 thoughts on “Nautical colors and sounds

  1. Leuk bootje .kan je op blijven slapen Iets voor de volgende vakantie ??

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad 3

    > Op Aug 7, 2015 om 7:46 PM heeft Euro Photo Graphics het volgende geschreven: > > >

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