“Morning Glory is the best name, it always refreshes me to see it”

~ Henry David Thoreau

They are blooming again. One year I got some seeds from a friend and every year by the end of the Summer they start blooming again. Blue-ish purple is the main color. Although there are some white ones now too. They have such a short blooming time but enjoy watching every step of that blooming period over just that one day. The color changes from a bright blue to an almost pink by the end of the day. You wonder how that happens. Does the sun do that to them? Or is it just the natural cause of getting to the end of their blooming time. During the course of a day, every time I pass by them I take a quick look. They are special. They grow like weed too and seem to find their way in, over and on everything else that is in their proximity. But despite that,  I do like them a lot. As I think they are so elegant. Especially their shape. Even the leaves it has are that, as they are shaped in the form of a heart. But have to say in the early morning they are the prettiest. Just opened up and so fresh. Almost contagiously fresh.

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