The encounter

The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves….
~ Robert Wyland

A month ago I went on a boat trip in the Strait of Juan de Fuca near Victoria, Canada. With really only one goal in mind I guess, hoping to spot some whales. I was on one of those touristy boats where 60 people can go on. Luckily for me on the day I went it had only about 30. So there was still some space to walk around a bit. Which was nice. Weather was a bit windy but the sun was out the whole time. All the ingredients were there for it becoming a good day.

Saying Hi!

And it turned out to become a real real good day. We were so lucky! As we got to see three kind of whales in one day. A pod with about 17 Resident orcas, one Humpback whale and three Transient orcas.

The three Transient Killer Whales. Mommy and two babies

All three kinds came up to greet us. You may call it a super whale-kinda-day. The Humpback whale even did his tail waving right on cue. So cool! My heart just skipped a beat I guess, seeing such a huge animal right in front of the boat.

Humpback whales flukes

But then at the end of the day already on our way back we were even more lucky to see a Transient mommy orca and her to two babies. After about 5 minutes they swam straight towards the bow of the boat. Very Jaws like…..

Was very lucky I was at the right side and on the bow of the boat. Ad they were swimming straight towards me. And when they were about 5 yards away from the boat they were diving under the boat. Since I was at the lower level of the boat when that happened they felt so close. Actually they were really close. Never ever been that close to a whale in the wild. Such a great experience. My heart definitely skipped two beats on that one. I hurried to the other side of the boat and up they came again….

First one of the babies came up for air. About 3 feet from the boat. Wow!!

But then, just right in front of me, not even a feet away, mommy popped up…… Which resulted in this super close-up of the whales blow-hole. 🙂 Just wow!!! So cool!!! It almost was too close to get a picture as my camera had a hard time  focusing. So amazing. You could hear it, smell it and a few drops from the splashes it made landed on my face. So special! Never ever thought I was going to get that close when I entered the boat that morning. Very special and even a bit emotional too.  What an experience and what an encouter!

So…. maybe it was three beats. Yes, I’m positive it wasn’t one or two, but definitely three beats skipped on that one!

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.”

~ Robert Wyland

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    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad 3

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