Hello, from the other side…….


This one popped up last week. When it looked at me the words from the new Adele song came to my mind. “Hello from the other side.” It looked so “alienish”. Those eyes and legs. Really?  And then the mouth. That part is really from an alien. We all should be so thankful a Praying Mantis isn’t human size. Like 1:1. Things could get really scary, really fast. And not just by its looks, also by its behavior. Eating your man after….. That’s a bit brutal don’t you think?  However,….. since it wasn’t that human size like, I did manage to make a few pictures of her.

At first she had the oh so innocent “staring of a deer in the head lights” pose. How looks can be deceiving. But it was nice of her to show her best side too. Comes to show everybody has that. A good and friendly side. Even a Praying Mantis. 🙂

Then she very slowly, like in super slow motion, moved a bit away from the camera. But, did gave me a look after that. Oh boy…. Still feel that face could hunt me in a future dream or two…..

7 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Bij je buurman in de tuin zetten. 😆

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad 3

    > Op Nov 10, 2015 om 2:01 PM heeft Euro Photo Graphics het volgende geschreven: > > >

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