Take time

Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

It sounds so easy. But it’s not. When I got back from my visit to the Netherlands last month, I had a bit of hard time picking things up.  Where I left off before my trip, I mean. Couldn’t get into my daily routine. Felt torn apart between the two worlds I love and know so well.


Trying to stick to the basics and familiar routines normally helps but it wasn’t working and I felt I was in need of distraction. Photography always helps me with that. I can get completely lost in photography. So I’ve been photographing a lot. Really…. a lot….


Along the way I realized that I should not be missing one world or the other, but find a way to be thankful that I experienced both. I should be able to carry the best of both worlds with me, don’t I?  Have to say am still working on those details a bit 🙂 But…. am getting there. It did made me realize I’m even more thankful of what’s here around me. There is a lot of beauty around me and that for one, makes my soul feel happy.


Besides, all of my feelings also fit nicely into the time of the year right? Be thankful, appreciate and such. Reflect a bit, but don’t overthink and try to stay in the present. I should know the drill after 10 years living on another continent. It is just that it surprised me a bit this time around.


But I am wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and please, do take time to do what makes your soul feel happy! Am sure it will make your world a better place.


One thought on “Take time

  1. De tijd van mooie kleuren.

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad 3

    > Op Nov 24, 2015 om 7:21 PM heeft Euro Photo Graphics het volgende geschreven: > > >

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