The bridge

I’ve walked across the Brooklyn bridge. Check!


Enjoyed the view and enjoyed the walk. For some reason I never realized the walking bridge part is made of wood. So with every step you take you hear the wood. It’s not that sturdy, and gives a little with every step. It does give it some sort of character I think. What also gives it character is the not so separated walking and the biking path. Confirmed by the fact that not a lot of people pay attention to that line in the middle. Runners feel like bikers and walkers think they walk as fast as a bikers. The human entertainment factor is high on the Brooklyn bridge.


And then there is the view. The view on Lower Manhattan for one. Which you look at with in the background the sound of people walking on those wooden planks and the cars rushing by underneath you. It’s just one of kind and I feel that is typical to a city like New York.  For real, this bridge is a character of its own.


And then there are, like on every respectable bridge nowadays, the love locks. Rows of them. With notes and quotes on them. As if the bridge hasn’t had character enough yet. I do like to read some of them and wonder what the story behind them is. Why some buy the biggest lock around and others tiny ones with tiny scribbles on it. I really can’t help myself reading them, as it intrigues me to no end.  And I do feel that maybe besides the Pont des Arts in Paris, Brooklyn bridge is one of the romantic kind. It has that kind of character. Dramatic lines and weathered woods and brick to confirm that character. And am glad I’ve walked across and felt its mood. Stunning views, wooden flooring, lovelocks and rushing cars and all….

It is the addition of strangeness to beauty that constitutes the romantic character in art.
~ Walter Hagen



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