Red song

Those who wish to sing,  always find a song.


This week I was at the Raulston aboretum and while I was waiting for the people I was meeting up with, I started out making some pictures in the beautiful garden next to the parking lot. Saw this cool looking dried up seed pods and a beautiful red tree. Those two together could be perfect and was very happy when I saw the results of the depth of field of the red. It made such beautiful backdrop to the seedpods.

The red tree popped so much especially as most other trees have already dropped their leaves. So walked up for some closer pictures of it. I thought it was a Dogwood but the sign underneath it, said it was a spindle tree. I like that about the arboretum, the answers to my questions are right at my feet most of the time.


The tree itself also had these very pretty red seed pods. Very different and still full of color compared to the ones I just photographed. And then my eye noticed something grey with bright yellow eyes staring at me from the top of the tree.


A mocking bird. As soon as I saw it, I heard it too. Apparently it was his tree and wasn’t all that happy that I was that close to it. So I got a stare down from it. I sometimes wonder how such a big character fits in such a small bird.


While giving me the “I’m not afraid of you”-look I managed to get a few pictures of it. The bright yellow eye always stands out I think and it surely kept an eye on me. They are really good for a stare down. But then instead of the screaming sound it made at first, it started singing. Beautifully, I must ad. Have a Mockingbird family in my backyard and haven’t heard them a lot like this. So while waiting for the the other people to arrive  I now had some songs to listen to.  It was loud, and that was I guess the intention from the bird. So decided he would appreciate to get his tree back and listened to it from a distance. And let it sing as loud as it wished for as it did till I finally was out of sight.


2 thoughts on “Red song

  1. Mooi. Puur natuur. 💋

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad 3

    > Op Dec 18, 2015 om 12:40 AM heeft Euro Photo Graphics het volgende geschreven: > > >

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