Icy textures

You can’t get too much Winter in Winter.

~ Robert Frost


I like that quote, and not only because of the writer’s last name. It’s very fitting I feel as I like the seasons. Especially the differences that it brings along. Just when you get used to certain weather and get somewhat comfortable with it, it changes on you and shows you something that you almost forgot about. North Carolina’s seasons are pretty good at that. It seems we get to enjoy all 4 seasons out here. Some into extreme, but never too long. For mid February there have been freezing temperatures the last few days. While typing this, the rain that was predicted, is still heavy sleet coming down. This last freeze changed the regular outfits of regular things. Like a puddle along the trail I walked yesterday. Lovely icy textures showed up. Wavy and round with a warm muddy color underneath. Very contrasty and I think very pretty.


The leaf that blew into another puddle and froze had that same effect. Warm brown on icy white cold. It touched the water just a little, but enough to freeze into it. Which showed into the darker almost wood like color. Then sun, that shined softly, added an almost golden look into the mix. So had to make a picture of it. To capture it, just for keepsakes.

4 thoughts on “Icy textures

    • Steve, that is a great poem from Robert Frost too. Thanks for sharing.
      Ice here in Raleigh doesn’t happen all too often either. Better be quick enjoying it otherwise it has melted. Two days ago temperatures were in the 20’s now we’re in the 50’s. Crazy!

      • Ah yes, the nature of weather is change. I just looked up the etymology of the word weather and found that the first part of it comes from the same Indo-European root as the first part of wind and wing. That root meant ‘to blow.’

      • Very fitting. I’m actually from a sea climate Europe and have never seen the weather change so rapidly as in America. It’s fascinating to me.

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