I like to photograph birds on cold days. When they are all fluffed up. Feathers wide and heads tucked in or even hidden. Think it’s a feeling we people can relate to. At least I do. Bundle up and trying to stay warm. So when I was at the Sylvan Heights Bird park and saw this White-faced Whistling Duck (btw beautiful name for beautiful duck), hiding it’s white face in its brown golden feathers I was smitten. So pretty. And then those beautiful warm brown eyes, perfectly matching the feathers. So warm, yet it was so cold that it had hidden its bill in its feathers somewhere. Stay warm, stay warm, stay warm, you could almost hear it thinking.


Thought it was very pretty and almost glowing with that soft Winter sun beaming on it. I stayed at a distance and it let me admire him. He kept one eye open, but its white face hidden and silenced its whistle. So Wintry and so pretty.

When the whistle blew and the call stretched thin across the night, one had to believe that any journey could be sweet to the soul.

~ Charles Tennyson Turner


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