Beach finds

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.

~ Robert Wyland

A few weeks back I spent the day at one of NC’s beaches. A long walk with the dogs is what was the goal for the day. I so can enjoy that on a Winter’s day. Fresh salty air, the calming sounds of waves braking, and my hair blown every which way the winds wants to. And whenever I’m at the beach I always am on the look-out what the ocean washed ashore for me that day. Luckily for me it was low tide when we got there. Perfect, as it makes the walking a lot easier, and it gives a super wide beach to explore.


First thing I found was a beautiful shell. Almost perfectly even shaped. A real beauty. So very fitting with the theme too. The shell you think of when on you’re on a beach. Right there in front of me. I put it on a deck railing to photograph it with the beach and ocean in the background. Perfect! What a nice find.


A few miles further on the beach there were feathers everywhere. As this dark one with strong straight lines.


And this white one, with elegant swooshy curves….


And another white one with a big curve which made a lovely shadow in the sand. So pretty…..


And I really liked this one. A golden brown leaf, still with so much details in it. The sand that was on top of it made it look more weathered and really liked that.


And always fun in the category beach textures, the dune protection fences. Wavy as things should be at the beach.


Don’t think it serves its purpose anymore, but still very beachy and loved its lines and shadows.


But the top find, for me, is finding a Sand Dollar. Love those! A lady at a beach in South Carolina once told me that when you find a Sand Dollar and you throw it back into the ocean you may make a wish. Really not sure know if that’s true, or what this story is based upon. But I like that story, so am believing it. 🙂 Who doesn’t want an ocean Sand Dollar wish, right? Plus it makes a Sand Dollar find even more special. The perfect find to end a nice walk on the beach in Winter!




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