Where the wild ones are

The more you look, the more you will see and the more interesting flowers will become.

Earlier this week I went to the arboretum. It’s easy  to find blooming flowers there. Love going there and get lost in all colors and blooms of all kind of varieties just steps from each other. It’s a sure thing you will find something pretty.  A bit of a contrast to where I was yesterday as I went to a Nature preserve, once shown to me by a friend. I regularly go there now. Sometimes with the dogs for a leisurely stroll along the river, but in Spring I hope to see and photograph some wildflowers. And March is about the time to see the first ones.


I got there a little later in the day and the first flowers I saw were the Spring Beauties. Pink striped with their glowing yellow hearts. They are such pretty tiny flowers. They deserve their name as the really are tiny beauties in Spring. The first I noticed a couple here and there as these two in the picture, but later when I got to the little stream there was this whole bed of them.


All being beautiful and so Spring like. Tiny but oh so cute. I had a hard time to choose where I should make my next step with such pretty flowers on the ground.


But not far from that bed I noticed these. Very pretty white ones.


Wind flowers or Rue Anemone. Don’t think I had seen them before here, but really liked them. It feels like we skipped Spring and arrived in Summer here in NC these last few days, so they might be blooming a bit earlier now. Liked the yellow detail on them. Amazing how these stand out and make them the perfect little white flower. For some reason they reminded me of the Austrian Edelweiss I did see a long long time a go when I was a kid. Still very different but they also stand out that much with the bold white in a green world.

All around ferns were unrolling now too. Loved that! Those curls are fascinating. Very photogenic too.


And there was still an occasional hint of blue to be found. Made by the radiant Violet.


During my walk I saw lots of trout lily leaves. It seemed that they had bloomed already. The warm weather must have run their blooming time short. Bummer! I really like these and there have been so many on my visits in Spring here before. But then I saw this one.


Standing tall along side the river. It was just perfect. Petals up and just a picture perfect Trout Lily! What a beautiful one. Trout lilies are actually really small, so am down laying on the ground making this photo and realized what a great spot it was on. It absolutely had the best view of the river I think.


So I took a few minutes to take all that in. The sound and view of the rushing river water and the happy yellow sunny Trout Lily and me. All three enjoying the moment. Zennnnnn……  Perfect way to charge my batteries and take on the world again. 🙂


The sun shines not on us, but in us. The rivers flow not past us, but through us.

~John Muir





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