You would think they are just big dogs, the way they greeted me. All wagging their tails and just running towards me. Such happy & friendly campers. For them Spring has arrived too. But for some reason, I always get a sense of freedom when I see horses in a pasture like this. Escpecially when they start running and the dust kicks up. Very energetic and positive and with≠ grace, I think.


I also love their big eyes. They have fabulous expressions. This one really thought I was going to bring them food. Disappointment was showing when she realized it was just me and the camera. Not a carrot in sight.


Although I was still greeted with great attitude after that fact was noted. Lovely characters and super sweet. I absolutely loved the white pear blossom surrounding their pasture, that’s actually why I stopped. I pass their pasture many times a day but now it looked so inviting I had to make a stop. Spring just decorates everything around us. Even the three white horse’s pasture. They were now complimented by that nice white “Spring-ish” glow by those white pear flowers. So pretty.

 When I walked a little further down, they just followed. Like I said as dogs do too. Too funny. And smart, you never know, she might just have that carrot hidden somewhere.

So I felt a bit bad that I really didn’t bring them anything. But, I had a good talk and shared some love through some hugs. She really enjoyed that I think, although that carrot could have brought the relationship to a higher level, I’m sure. Such big animals but such little hearts that enjoyed the attention.


Sping is when life’s alive in everything
~Christina Rossetti






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