I’ve past by this lane at Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge a couple of times. And I’ve always looked and wished at the same time. But not ever was there a glimpse of a bear at this spot. Never. Yet it could be so pretty to see it here on this lane. Exceptional pretty even, I believe. This time I was at the refuge with family from overseas and really wanted to show them how pretty Pocosin is. And with a little luck, show them the reason why I love it here so much.
So I always thought it would be  the perfect location to see a bear on. This lane. It got trees on both sides, which have grown towards each other. Making it different and special. Maybe I watched too many movies but I feel it’s just that idyllic. 

So l, as I did a number of times before, drive by that lane, turn my head, and expect nothing. But wow…. It’s there! As if somehow the bear got my memo that I always been hoping and wishing for this view. And if it was not perfect enough,  there wasn’t just one, there were two bears. Perfect!


So we’re hitting the breaks and we sneak out of the car….. Wind was not favorable but we waited. The little one went into hiding in some fallen tree next to the lane. But mom stayed out.


It was such a pretty sight. Fairy tale like and just bautiful. And then…. she got up…. way up…..


How about that? For real. This was the perfect pose to me. She looked so big standing up and trying to smell who was there on the other end of picture perfect lane. Thank you Mrs. Bear! You made my wish come true. 

After watching them for a bit we got back into the car and drove on again. Not for long though as we spotted a young bear strolling along one of the main roads. It went back into the woods but came out just as fast as we waited a bit.


Just adorable. Like playing hide and seek. At a certain point we really thought we drove by it and then I saw it hiding in the woods right next to the car staring at us with the sweetest look ever.


They don’t come any better than that. Absolutely perfect! So very happy my family got to experience it all with me. Did I say I thought it was perfect already? πŸ™‚

Nothing is permanently perfect. But there are perfect moments and the will to choose what will bring about more perfect moments. 
~ Mary Balogh



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