The Amish are islands of sanity in a whirlpool of change.
~ Nancy Sleeth


The simple life. Back to basics and no 1st world problems to worry about. No tv news broadcasts filled with screaming politicians. Only the worry if it is going to rain enough for this year’s crop. Some sanity. 


Love driving through Amish country. Seeing a family of 4 all reading a book in the shade of a big maple tree on a Sunday afternoon. It looks unreal coming from my world.  


Somehow they managed to keep their lifestyle simple. Not sure if I could live like that. I would miss my washing machine to no ends for instance. 🙂 Today was Monday, so washing day. Every home had some clothes drying outside. I could do without my dryer as I really like air dried towles and such. But washing it all by hand….. That’s hard work.

It made me think, especially in the line of today’s politics, everyone can visit their area. Just keep on driving and you’ll find the buggy’s and farms. There wasn’t a wall built around it. None of such. Yet they seem true to themselves. Not an easy thing to do in normal life, but in the Amish life even more, I suppose. How did they make it work for them? How did they keep their sanity, all while the world around them is changing. Rapidly.


Not sure if I figured out what it is, but it made me think of Thoreau’s quote. It must be something that’s already within you some where. Maybe it’s been hidig for me as it comes to washing clothes or that bigger picture. 

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.
 – Henry S. Haskins

Because who needs washing machines, when there’s a chance of miracles right? 🙂 Some serious food for thought perhaps. But i could so use some sanity in today’s world, so might be worth it doing some soul searching…. 

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