Winged details

Last Friday I was very lucky to be able to watch bird banders in action. They were set up Prairie Ridge Eco station in Raleigh and I had an amazing morning watching and photographing the most beautiful birds. Most I had never ever seen in my life.


Like the Black and White Warbler. On above picture getting ready to be banded.


It was quite an experience to be able to see the smallest details on these beautiful birds. See how to determine age and sex and what band size is needed. Learned a lot of new things and bird species that morning.


I loved photographing them all. To see a seemingly yellow bird have black wing feathers is absolutely fantastic. Who knew. Very special.



It’s all in little details to determine which kind of bird it is. Tail feathers with white striping can explain a lot. Also about age. The more pointy the feathers are, the younger the bird is. Little details tell a lot!



These two are both yellow, both warblers but very different from each other. Such different details. And so beautiful.


Below a Great Crested Flycatcher, that I had never seen before. Or heard as they are quite vocal and make a clacking sound with their beak. Being up close and personal will show it all. Such a special and wonderful experience!


The banding is done for research and put in into a data bank and I think it’s a wonderful project. How little do we know about these bird and how much could be learned by watching and tracking them. It really is amazing that people are investing their time in projects like this and I was very fortunate to witness them at work.

The details are not the details. They make the design.

~Charles Eames

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