Rainy day

All items that I found in the backyard or while walking the dogs, put together on a rainy afternoon.  It felt a little bit like making a flower arrangement, which I besides photography I also like doing. The nest is from a cardinal that had a nest next to the driveway and the snake skin from a birdhouse in the yard, which I’ve been told is from a  black racer. Some hydrangea and several kind of feathers. Of I think a hawk, woodpecker and cardinal.


It really is just a bunch of stuff that I dragged in, but I was so looking forward to arranging them and photographing them all together on some fancy backgrounds. Not at all related to each other, but thought they just looked nice together like this.  The hawk feather I also found on the driveway. Wondered what had happened to be landing there. The little blue brown spotted egg too. Come to think of it, that driveway can be very dangerous to some. Didn’t find them on the same day but weeks apart, but it still had me wondering.  Why is the here and why would a hawk loose its feather there? So am wishing you a Happy Columbus Day today. Discover new worlds and open up and new channels of thought within yourself (or driveways)!   🙂

Be a Columbus to whole new continents and worlds within you, opening new channels, not of trade, but of thought.

~ Henry David Thoreau



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