Autumn’s gold

Last weekend I’ve visited Virginia. Beautiful Virginia. The rolling hills and mountains covered in Autumn’s patchwork. As a warm blanket covers the mountains.


Like an orange wonderland. So stunningly pretty.

dsc_6757Along the New River this tree had just about every October color you can think of. Almost like someone started painting it and couldn’t decide what color. Spectacular, I think.


There were mushrooms popping up, complimented by golden leafs and green moss and soft yellow light peaking through the trees. The camera and myself were in awe. Oh how I always love and enjoy Autumn!


   I just want to live

in a world

of mountains, coffee,

campfires, cabins

and golden trees,

and run around

with a camera

and notebook

learning the

inner workings of everything real.

~Victoria Erickson

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