Dusk at the lake

This time of the year dusk comes very early. I’m most times cooking dinner and that gets in the way of enjoying sunsets. In Summer it’s very different. At the end of those long days it’s good to sit and watch the sun go down. Shorter Winter days limit those hours. But when I do have, or should I say make, time available to watch a nice Winter sunset it always make me feel that life is really that simple and I am just very good at making it complicated on shorter days. As by Confucius’ famous line. 

Just standing at Bass Lake watching the sun go down made me think of that again. There’s so much in life you can’t control, but you can control how you deal with it. And dealing with it while watching the sun go down overlooking beautiful Bass Lake is a nice way to do it I feel. Life is truly that simple. 

2 thoughts on “Dusk at the lake

  1. Nature’s beauty @ the lake…… You have captured it! Thanks for sharing.
    I agree,… so much we can’t control but how we deal with it is the key to a happy life!… I watch nature to sooth my soul and lonely heart..
    I miss your smiling face! I hope to see you soon!………………………….. Merry Christmas!

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