Red visitor

“Cardinals appear, when angels are near.”

It’s cold in NC and this weekend it was snowing and even more sleeting. To me the red of the Northern Cardinal looks even more red on snowy icy days. And as I saw it landing on the most wobbly little branch, I was wondering why he would pick this place to sit on.


He was having a hard time balancing and almost fell off a couple of times. Using his tail feathers to keep it straight. I had to laugh. He was not good at it. And he looked grumpy for the hard time he was having. Cold, snowy and not a sturdy stick in sight 🙂


But then it hopped, turned and duck over and was up side down!


The red acrobat! It was trying to get the seeds. Wobbling away all while stuffing as much as he could in his beak. As a parakeet does.


How neat! I guess hard and cold times lead to desperate eating moves. When he got up again he hopped and turned and chewed away…..


And fluffed up a bit more as he was preparing for another seed dive. It must be the latest eating trend under the cardinals I just witnessed. Too cute!

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