“It takes some effort to look like this.”
~Truvy, ‘Steel Magnolias’

Yesterday I had to drop of some paper work in Downtown Raleigh and to make that a pleasant drive, on my way back I stopped at the Raulston Arboretum. Armed with my camera I wandered around to see what’s blooming. And it was a lot! Spring is in the air for sure! 
Lots of yellows as the Forsythia and Winter Hazel. The Narcissus were blooming abundantly. All that yellow sure made me get in the Spring spirit! 

But it looked like in all the gardens I walked through the Magnolias were screaming for my attention. And not in a modest way.

As they are definitely not the humble flowers. The number of flowers on a single tree is insane. Who can pass by those without making a picture. 

I did try to isolate them a bit in my pictures. Which wasn’t easy as there were so many pretty ones. But it drew my eye and camera to the picture perfect blooming one. Some peacefulness in all the blooming madness 🙂

This was my favorite of them all. As besides being beautiful, it had a calming and soothing fragrance, making me hang around a little longer at this tree. Its name, ‘Magnolia Stellata’. It sounded like an Italian ice cream flavor. Maybe, that’s why it had such a calming effect on me….. 

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