Spring in Winter


It’s been the first time when the driveway was colored by yellow pollen and the grass covered in snow. Never seen that. It made me think, March in NC. How one can be fooled. I felt bad for all the blossom that already decided to start blooming. A white blanket covered their beauty. So pure.

Blossom already has that pastel vulnerability. But with a layer of snow on it, it gets an even more fragile feel.

For me a stunning beginning of my Sunday morning. Those little Japanese Cherry buds made me run outside. So pretty. I knew it wouldn’t last long here in NC. Nature has its surprises and this was a little gift from Winter in cooperation with Spring. Very special! Serenity, right in front of my lens.

I do hope the buds that haven’t open yet, will still bloom after this cold all of a sudden. Thinking the Carolina sun will start warming them up again and they will be welcoming Spring.


So much beauty still to share. Although that snowy blanket on this Redbud’s blossom that is hard to top.  Yes, Spring will get here soon. Winter was just showing of a bit.  Creating some spectacular natural effects in a Spring like setting. Soundlessly and with such clarity. How can one not appreciate that gesture? 🙂

noun: serenity
  1. the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.
    “an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city”





6 thoughts on “Spring in Winter

  1. Oh dear, I hope they all will survive! We’ll tell spring to find you again. And order the melt down.
    Warm greetings from sunny Norfolk,
    💃🏼 Dina-Hanne
    👭Siri & Selma

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