Saturday night I got a text from one of the farmers that used to own the land our home is build on, if I was interested in photographing some old tobacco barns. Uh yes! I definitely am! They were going to be taken down soon so it would be a now or never thingy too. So on Sunday morning I climbed into their big truck.  First time ever riding in such a big truck for me too. Kinda cool I should say 🙂 So after that experience we drove a little further down the road and went of the road. Again, new experience and again pretty cool. I can dig this big truck kinda thing.  And through some woods and shrubs and a very muddy road we got to some very nice barns.


They were so beautiful. The details on them really fascinates me. The grain of the wood, the hinges, the nails, the ivy that’s growing on them.  The drama they all add. All weathered and aged. That made it so pretty to me.  The farmer said they are from the 1920’s or so. Used to dry the tobacco. Super pretty and a joy to have in front of my lens. Also very saddening to see them go. There is a lot of development going up around us and this will be another piece of history cleared. And was glad I could preserve it for just a bit in my photographs. What an experience this was. Very thankful I was given this opportunity for sure. The farmer told his stories about farming tobacco while showing the barns. Learned more about the insides of these barns. Where the furnaces were and how the leaves were dried. So special to hear this from him. Even the fresh spring greens seemed to agree it was that special to be there and did their best to make it look even more prettier. The morning soft lights that day worked with me too. So very lucky!

When walking a bit more down the property we came to the home of the Merlin farmers family. Loved that name as it sure had something magical to it. Bright red still surrounded by natural greens. Old trees seemed to have been watching over it. So very special and incredibly Merlin-ish. And all that a mile away from where I live. Never knew it was there! You wonder what stories have been told inside the home and the barns. The well where they got their water was still there. The brick chimney on the roof of the home. All those little details. Like I said fascinating to me.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

~Roald Dahl

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