Air patrol

birdbanding 5_12_17-4

Our house has been for sale and when there are showings I escape to Bass lake most of the times. This time it was on a rainy day and was hiding out a down pour. So I sat at the rocking chairs under the covered porch that overlooks the lake. And right in front of me landed a barn swallow. They are so cute. In the air they patrol the skies for anything bug. Twist and turns like you wouldn’t see from the most advanced fighter plane. It was fun to watch them.

birdbanding 5_12_17-3

Every year they build their nests on the covered porch from Bass Lake center. This one was still building its nest as you can tell by its muddy beak. Not all that keen on me sitting in its flight pattern.

birdbanding 5_12_17-6

Giving me a stare down and a twitter serenade when ever flying in or off.

birdbanding 5_12_17-7

It was quite impressive for such a little bird. The character just doesn’t fit the body. Loved the whole body language as it finally calmed down a bit and started twittering in a more friendly way.

birdbanding 5_12_17-5

It probably figured this woman with the camera might not be after my new built home after all. I wasn’t, I was there all because of my own home actually.  🙂

“Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.”
―Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

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