Not so common

They’re fierce, strong and black. The Common Grackle. I have them in the backyard and they molest the bird feeder ever since they found it. Big time. Not always that great, I have to say. Especially with suet feeders. It makes a mess. They always come in a group and it turns messy pretty quick.  They enjoy that buffet I think. They are big and strong birds. But have to say their iridescent color, when the lights hits them in the right way, I just love it!


It almost looks blue. With rainbow colored feathers on the back. Just so pretty. So maybe not that elegant but very colorful for an at first appearing black bird.



And then they have to that bright yellow eye. So intriguing! Can’t stop looking at it and maybe I shouldn’t 🙂 It sure has a big character.


Last week I had a chance to photograph two Grackles up close and personal during bird banding in Raleigh. They flew into the net together. Before we saw them we heard them. They can be so loud. At first  it was thought husband and wife. But looking at the eye it quickly showed, mommy and baby.


The color of the eye turns yellow only when they’re are a bit older. The baby was very strong already and definitely showing some attitude. Its iridescent color in its feathers wasn’t there yet. And the eye was still greyish. But it sure made up in character. That was definitely full grown 🙂


After all their information was noted down they were released and they flew off together again. What a great pair to meet, so not common at all.

The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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