Young Robins

When I glanced outside the window I saw a strange looking bird. That stayed in its spot for a long time. The only bird that does that are the doves here in the yard. And this one looked different. It was a baby Red Robin!


Young Robins are cute! Grabbed my camera and positioned myself on the screened porch. Somehow the baby landed on one of the patio chairs and had such a hard time flying away from that spot. It kept on stretching its wings. As if it hadn’t read the manual yet. So cute! How do these things work again?

DSC_3525       DSC_3606

It took its time and the parent flew in to keep feeding it. Talk about positive reinforcement.


Here’s a little clip of it. So cute to watch this little one.

Lots of tweeting back and forward finally made it to fly 1,5 feet to the brick wall on the patio. It looked like it didn’t know how he just did that. And needed a few seconds to adjust to it being airborne for about half a second.


And again positive reinforcement on I bet some of the first miles flown. 🙂 It was so amusing to watch it all from the screened porch.


Wishing little Red Robin a gazillion safe air miles and a future full of glittering worms and tasty bugs.


The most effective way to do it, is to do it.

~Amelia Earhart

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