Blue-est Blue


My favorite bird is the Eastern Blue Bird. Its striking appearance always amazes me. So blue, never seen that in Europe. A wow bird to me. Until….

Blue bird

Blue bird

I had the pleasure of seeing an Indigo bunting up close and personal one day hanging out with the bird banders.

birdbanding 05_12_17-27

Above Indigo Bunting was the first one I saw and was already in awe. But the people kept saying, You haven’t seen anything yet. Wait for it….

birdbanding 05_12_17-64

And they were right. An Indigo Bunting in full colored plumage is stunning. So incredibly pretty. Blue-est blue! Delicate and stylish. What a beautiful bird and what a beautiful day. For sure….



I saw this one for the first time ever. I was like a Northern Cardinal, but strikingly blue….. The Blue Grosbeak!


How about this bird? Absolutely wonderful! Blue-Blue in the utmost of Blue rankings. What an amazing bird. Couldn’t keep my eyes away from it. So beautiful. Or should I say “Bleautiful.” 🙂


What a Beautiful day! What a beautiful bird! Did I really just met up with a Blue Grosbeak? So lucky….

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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