Two centuries

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

Henry David Thoreau

When I read this quote a few years back, it was written sorta like graffiti on a sign right on top of Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina. It was at an amazing vista point. And even though it was graffiti it got to me. I never read it before, but so agreed. I took a picture of it back then. Beauty can be found in the little things in life. And little did I know it was a quote from Thoreau. I found out about that later and read his book Walden for the first time. Loved it!  The way he could describe simple things, with beautiful words and long sentences. So beautiful. Some things really deserve that second look, or a third.





Every sunset which I witness inspires me with the desire to go to a West as distant and as far as that into which the sun goes down.

On one of my trips up North one Summer I was able to visit Concord where the Walden cabin was located. It was almost like a sacred place. I really enjoyed the walk up to it. Walking where Thoreau once walked. The trees around it had story telling roots and the view on the pond was so peaceful. The pond, he so often wrote about. It was now occupied by swimmers, maybe not even aware of its history. Am glad I was aware and so happy that I had been able to visit it then after reading the books he wrote.

So, today in celebration of his 200th birthday a few of my pics in a Thoreau blog. And hopefully you won’t just look, but you’ll see what matters in this blog and in real life.



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