Waving Sea Oats

“The edge of the sea is a strange and beautiful place.”
~ Rachel Carson

On a short visit to Manchester-by-the-Sea in Massachusetts this Summer, I bumped into the town’s library  sale. A lot of books were placed on long tables to browse through. It was late in the day and I thought is was such a beautiful library. It almost looked like a church. The high wooden ceiling and monumental bookshelves and woodwork added such character to the library. Really very pretty.  I found two books I liked outside and when I went to librarian to pay for the two books. She said that would be $4, but…… I can give you this paper bag and you can fill it up with books for $5. Well…., that was a no-brainer wasn’t it? So….., I went over all the tables with books again and filled it up. The bag was full with a variety of books when I was done. I even found a Rachel Carson book, along the way. “The sea around us”, one of the first editions. And I was reminded of that lucky find this last weekend. Camping on the Oregon Inlet in North Carolina.


This campground is right in the dunes. You can hear the ocean right from your campsite and it’s just a walk over the dunes to get to the ocean.  The perfect spot to me. The dunes out here have a lot of Sea Oats. They seems to be so Carolinian to me. Their elegant wavings in the wind always makes me want to photograph it. Even the sound of it is somehow soothing.


Just standing watching the sun rise and listening to the ocean waves and the wind blowing through the oats. Very relaxing and a great way to clear your mind in hectic times.


So typical to NC dunes. The Oats bravely following the dune tops, making the best sunrise views on an early Summer morning.


It was a pleasure to see and hear them and the ocean all weekend long. Building senses & emotions for sure.

“If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom, then the emotions and the impressions of the senses are the fertile soil in which the seeds must grow.”
~ Rachel Carson

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