Some days

“Always respect Mother Nature. Especially when she weighs 400 pounds…..”
―James Rollins

Some days you’re lucky! Some days you aren’t, but it’s good to appreciate the ones that you are. They are like little gifts. Moments you will treasure for a long time and when precious memories are made. That kind of luck that you’re in the right place at the right time.

On the way back from the coast we stopped at Alligator River Refuge and drove around for a bit. When we were just to turn the corner to the exit again a black dot showed up. It was way far out, but I knew, a bear!


And the bear was walking towards the car which I had never experienced. So parked the car in the shade and shut it off. And it came closer and closer…..


It stopped at times and tried to smell anything suspicious but it kept on walking towards the car. Closer by crossed the road to the other side and really just walked by the car. It probably thought it was just parked. When it was walking by it did speed up a bit, but once passed, continued on the same pace! How cool was that!


After about 25 yards she, I think it was a she, turned around and sniffed again. As if she only then realized there were humans in that parked car. Yet she didn’t seemed bothered and through the mirror I saw her get into one of the canals. We started the car, drove a little down the road and turned if we could see it in the canal and that’s how I know this bear must have been a ‘she’.


It was taking a Sunday morning bath! So, so incredibly cute!!! Just chillaxing in one of the canals on Aligator River. We shut of the car again and just watched her bathing routine.


So sweet. And felt so very fortunate to watch her do this. She started using one of her paws to dig up some vegetation. And inspected that extensively.


Sticking her nose in it, licking it. Just so much fun to watch from the safety of the car. Front row seats to nature at its best. She never noticed us at that moment I think. There was a very strong wind that morning and it was blowing towards the car. Like I said, some days you’re lucky.



So relaxing and peaceful. I could have watch it all day.


Her paws were so big. I loved seeing her glide through the water. You just heard some water splashes and her sniffings. So wonderful to see and hear.

Then all of a sudden she jumped up, out of nowhere. Reached for a tree and pulled it down. What strength!


When editing the images I saw she reached for some berries I guess. But look at those claws! And she did it with such ease.


I have to say that sudden move might have spoiled our hide out in the car, as we were trying to be very quiet but that strong move did produce a “whow, what just happened?” out loud.


And that gave us this look. Still very cute, but it made her aware. There were humans nearby.


Some glazing glares at that parked car were thrown our way.


And some, let me try to smell you. Still very cute, but had a feeling her bathing session was about to end. And who can blame her? 🙂


The “I’m on to you” look.


She swam between two limbs and posed very nicely for me. And then we let her be. You know,  bears needs some privacy too 😉 Time to move on and take away the memories just made.


Thanks Bear for letting us watch your Sunday morning routine……I so enjoyed it!

When we drove away I checked the time at the car clock and we had watched her for about 45 minutes. Like I said ‘lucky’ and ‘fortunate’ surely were the right words for it.

Nature creates ability; luck provides it opportunity.

~ François de la Rochefoucauld

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